Puppy Love

Being down on all fours shouldn’t mean being treated like a dog. Unless you’re into that sort of thing. But as far as food goes, we’re always looking for the best. So we agreed to take a challenge from Colorado-based…


Paul-American Grill Next Door

We finally made it into one of the newest national restaurants to call Dallas home. And it just might be our new go-to spot for happy hour or full dinner before Uptown Players performances at the nearby Kalita Humphreys Theater.…

Sister Helen Holy

The 701 Club: Trousseaus, Trump and Transitions

Brothers and Sisters, I have returned from a lengthy period of spiritual retreat, renewal and rest. As I was afraid, the world has nearly come to a stop in my absence. Let me get caught up on a few things, which have…


Well, Let Me Say This About That Iran Business

If anyone can make this week’s Iran deal and talk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East hilarious, Miss Craig can! He’s got the secret for how America plans to infiltrate Iran. For more Craig McCartney goodness, be sure to…

Pink Traveler

Staycation HQ

Arlington is Dallas-Fort Worth’s biggest playground. Six Flags Over Texas. Hurricane Harbor. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Lone Star Park. Some place they play football. Some place they play baseball. But depending on where you live, Arlington can be quite…

Moxie Mo Show

Windows 10: What You Need to Know

It’s been a few moments since we’ve mentioned Microsoft, but they’ve rightfully earned a reason for our attention. This Wednesday, July 29, Microsoft will launch Windows 10 as a free upgrade. Don’t worry, this isn’t your Windows 8 debacle. According…

Queer In The Kitchen

Roasted Roots, Greens

In the past there wasn’t much about a making a salad that excited me. I always followed the basic midwestern formula of a tiny bit of greens, even less veggies, fistfuls of cheese, mostly croutons and a crap-ton of ranch…


Win a Years and Years “Communion” Album

Enter to win Communion from Years & Years! COMMUNION the highly anticipated debut album album from British electronic pop trio YEARS & YEARS Featuring the hit single “King” Out July 10: a Rafflecopter giveaway